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Meet the Cosmic Coaches

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Madi Murphy

Intuitive healer, empowerment mentor, and cosmic consultant.
Named as one of the wellness industry top 100 luminaries by Well and Good and she has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Coveteur, MindBodyGreen, the New York Times and more.Whether it is an energy session, intuitive divination, astrology reading- or if you’re ready to take it to the next level with a spiritual mentorship- her intention is to get you to your most confident, liberated, WILD and juicy self.

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Erica Sauer

Empowerment Coach
Erica Sauer is an Intuitive Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Writer who incorporates psychological modalities and meditative practices, to support you on your spiritual journey of growth and expansion - shedding programmed thoughts, beliefs and patterns no longer serving you and unveiling your most authentic self. The intentions of Erica’s methods are to build deep connection between mind, body and spirit, gaining confidence and trust in your internal authority, so you can live a beautifully, fulfilling and authentic life.

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Jaime Stockel

Energy Healer
Jaime, founder of Luxy Eve Healing.At Luxy Eve, Jaime's mission is to heal and connect with others. Through reiki healing and spiritual counseling, my focus is clearing energy blocks and helping individuals to see their soul’s purpose, relieve physical ailments, and release anxious energy. My goal is to get you vibrating at your highest level.I’m here to answer any questions you may have about reiki healing and create a luxurious space for you to take care of yourself, your mind, body, and spirit.

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Karissa Harris

Embodiment Coach
Karissa is a singer actor mover shaker creatrix And social justice warrior. This brooklyn based performer has a divine calling to create art that is honest vulnerable and Present.
Karissa soulfully believes that love, kindness, empathy and compassion are the pathway to collective soul healing and freedom. this artivist has also created Rev5ive: 5 steps to heal during the revolution. A methodology combining meditation, body, breath work and high vibes.

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Colleen Kelly

Relationship Coach
Colleen is a certified Sexuality, Love & Relationship Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher & Speaker. She loves to weave together coaching, counseling, breathwork + embodiment practices for deep, immersive experiences + transformation.
She views relationships through a more spiritual lens exploring how to elevate them + make them a sacred space for our truest expression, deepest love + enjoyment. 
Her sacred mission is to support people in finding divinity within their own bodies & infusing that sacred energy into all areas of their lives. 

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Abby Wilson

Emotional Wellness
Abby Wilson is a multidisciplinary coach, consultant, and writer committed to creating sustainable change across personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal settings.
Her background in a wide variety of professional and corporate environments developed a strong praxis of practical tools paired with emotional intelligence and mind-body awareness.


The Cosmic Fit Club is meant to be a safe, supportive, fun and inclusive space.
Our mission is to give you all the tools to fall in love with life.

What our Members are saying

Thank you. This is great stuff. I’m so grateful for this community 🙏

💕🥰 super grateful here also. Very thankful for this group as well. I feel uplifted every time I get a notification

It’s such a great space to be in amongst all of you. Aho! Grateful for this group💖❤️💖

also feeling very grateful for you all and getting reconnected to my practices and myself this past week. i’m glad to be back on track and feeling a little more in balance

I’m actually tearing up because I am so grateful that I have the support right now from everyone

Yesss!! I will definitely look into this!!! So grateful for you and this group ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m so happy this chat exists ☺️ i also like voice notes. I’m feeling really grateful for these chats and the community that is going to be fostered out of them!

I am so happy and SO grateful to have a space to discover and  share these revelations.🧡Thanks everybody!✨

Lots of love to this cosmic community ❤️💕 I am very thankful for all the info, events, affirmations and love this has brought into my life, absolute game changer!! 

Can I just say I love having a “Moon Chat” group?!

I just want to say how precious it is being present to such generous sharing and cultivating community and support in this space. The way everyone is showing up with their wisdom, love, and vulnerability is so so gorgeous. Y'all are truly beautiful people.

1 year of Cosmic Wellness $127
(That's only $10.50/ Month)

Enrollment Closes June 15th.

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