Frequently Asked Quetions


Where can I decode my birth chart?
You can decode your birth chart at 

How can I get more information from the Cosmic Revolution?
Sign up for our newsletter for the weekly energy report from Madi. Also, check out our Instagram accounts @thecosmicrx and @thecosmicrevolution

*How can I get involved with the CosmicRx community?
Join the Cosmic Fit Club 

Where can I buy CosmicRx merch?
Check out for a limited selection of available merch! More coming soon!

CosmicRx Radio

Where can I listen to CosmicRx Radio?
Or anywhere you get your podcasts! Apple, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music etc. Just search for Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy

How do I submit a question for the podcast?  Fill out this form to have your question answered by your favorite cosmic consultant!

Cosmic Fit Club

*How can I enroll in Cosmic Fit Club?
Currently a waitlist (sign up here) but enrollment will open again in spring 2021. Stay tuned!

*How much does a CFC membership cost? 
You can choose to enroll monthly for $33/month or yearly at $99. 
*How do I log into teachable?
You can find the teachable page at and log in to your account where you can find your courses.

What do I do if I'm not getting the weekly event emails? 
Check your spam folder! We would also recommend adding to your contacts so they show up in your primary inbox rather than a promotions folder. If that doesn't resolve it, please email and we'll check it out!

Will there be a replay after the classes?
Yes! We always have the replays available the next day after class. We will upload them to teachable for each class. 

How do I find the replays?
Replays are grouped by month in the teachable menu. Log in and enjoy! 

Where can I find the zoom link?
Zoom links are sent in the Monday emails to CFC members. You can also add the events to your personal calendar using these instructions! 

What time are the New Moon or Full Moon events?
New moon and Full moon Events are usually at 7:30 PM EST and will run for about an hour to an hour and a half. 

How do I become a contributor to the Cosmic Fit Club? 
You can apply here:

All other questions please contact