• Create Sacred Space Starter Kit
  • Create Sacred Space Starter Kit

Create Sacred Space Starter Kit

What's inside:
Moss Agate
Palo Santo
Love Ritual
Intuition Ritual

Manifest Real Love Ritual

Amethyst Cluster

The High Priestess Stone. Clears space of negativity, clears mind of chatter, opens up third eye and connects you to your inner guidance. Releases old patterns and helps you dream a new world into being.

Intuition is my SuperPower
Moss Agate Stone
The Baller Stone. Opens heart chakra. Connects you to your true nature. Opens you to your heart’s desires. Aligns you with abundance and wealth.

Benefits of Intuition Rituals
Trust your gut! Making clearer decisions at work.

Unleashing creative potential.
Banish anxiety & mental blocks
Tap into your inner “GPS” to live a truly cosmic life. 
Connect to your higher most badass self.
Vibe Protection & Energy Detox

Benefits of Love Rituals
Love without limits! 
Opening your heart for bigger, deeper love 
Attract meaningful relationships
Raising your vibration
Remove blocks & heal from heartbreak
Unleashing true magnetic power
Vibe Protection & Energy Detox

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