🌕 Full Moon in Libra | March 28th @ 2:48PM EST/11:48AM PST


Themes: beauty, art, conscious relationships, Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, harmony, sweetness, fresh beginnings, feeling lovable, balancing the “me” and the “we”

This Full Moon for February 2021 comes to us in Libra, the sign that truly embodies harmony, balance and sacred partnership. This is the first full moon of the astrological new year.

Full Moons are the culmination of a cycle so this is a great time to look back and reflect at the seeds you planted during this past New Moon in Libra (October 16 for reference) and see how they’ve bloomed or blossomed for you. You may be feeling an urge to complete or end something that started around that time too. 

In Aries Season we are asked to really cultivate the self and at the Libra full moon, the self is asked to be honest with how it interacts with others. Our relationships and identities are undergoing massive shifts right now. 

During this lunation, we’re especially aware of how these things can manifest and the balance we need to strike to maintain the two- compromising, negotiating, graciousness, boundaries and empathy.

The sun in Aries focuses on our personal identity, whereas the moon reflecting that through Libra (across the axis and it’s polar opposite) shines a light on who we are within our relationships. This is the balance of the “me” and the “we”. 

This is important to meditate on not only in our relationships but also in our society. How can we balance self care with community care? How do we center ourselves and take up space- but also respond to the needs of others and hold space for them?

The energy of this moon is primarily focused on healing through the balance of feminine (or receptive) and masculine (or direct) within us to affect change in the world around us. This balance will affect us directly in love, sacred partnership, our finances and social justice- all Libra gifts. Particularly, we are being asked to examine where our true balance lies and what we are willing to accept and what we can no longer accommodate, no matter how much we have tried in the past. 

Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius are also trine the Moon, which might make us feel called into taking inspired action and responsibility for how we consent to being treated in relationships.

Full Moons can bring shadow energy to the surface so we want to be aware of where we may be leaning too far into either of these energies. Aries shadow energy can be reckless, impulsive to a fault and self-centered. Libra shadow energy can be codependent, petty and passive. Be aware if you are being called to release any of these tendencies under this lunation. 

This moon may be illuminating something in our relationships that has been hidden or that is not working. The most important thing to renew is the way we treat ourselves and how we honor our inner duality. Where can we move past conditioned or wounded masculinity? How can we embrace more of the conscious gifts of the feminine? Tuning into our inner harmony brings all relationships into right balance. 

This balance between the feminine (Libra moon) and masculine (Aries sun) is being modeled for us through the cosmos. And we know Libra owns the art of the scales so we are SO supported in finding balance. Gender is a construct- we carry both energies within us- now possibly more than ever, we need to cultivate our sacred masculine and channel our divine feminine. 

This Full Moon is about releasing fears around love and past wounds in relationships: focusing on forgiveness and faith. Relationship epiphanies may occur now. We may be likely to experience a-ha’s, moments of clarity or revelations about our independence, values in love, and what we need in partnerships. 

Use this moon to illuminate- and help you find beauty- in areas you may have previously struggled in finding balance. Use this to activate your ability to breathe life into how to love yourself more. The more love we pour into ourselves, the more love we attract.

A Moon Mantra would be: I am a reflection of the kind of love, truth and authenticity I want to experience in the world.

When we restore ourselves to a place of harmony and artistry, we affect the relationships around us. When we feel depleted, depressed and isolated it sends ripple effects out to every relation in our life. From this new balance, we can breathe a new life and sweetness into being..

What’s coming up for you this moon cycle? What have you learned about your self and relationships since the Libra new moon on October 16, 2020? How are you navigating the “me vs. we” polarity that this full moon shines a light on? 

Check the magazine for more in-depth astrology of this Full Moon, embodied mini-ritual ideas, a Full Moon ritual and journaling prompts to go deeper physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This full moon will assist in illuminating what is no longer serving your most sage and sovereign self… and remember: you are 100% worthy of beauty and balance in all aspects of your life ⚡️

Astrology of this Full Moon:
This phase of the Moon occurs at 6 degrees and 18 minutes of Libra, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 4 to 12 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) most significantly.

Venus conjunct the Sun and Chiron: Use this energy to see where and how your wounds may now being transformed into your magic wands. How can you use them as fuel to step up into your inner warrior, your true power? How can you use them to heal and inspire yourself and others? Lean on Venus to open your heart and help you uplevel your sense of self-worth. Venus is still cazimi (in the heart of the Sun) so expect a lot of heightened consciousness, illumination and 


Moon in Grand Trine with Saturn and Mars: This cosmic harmonious alignment offers us a boost of inner strength, willpower, drive, assertion and can help us take action or feel victorious in something we previously struggled with. 


Neptune conjunct Mercury: Expect this energy to feel trippy AF- especially on 3/29, the day after the Full Moon. This transit has the ability to take us on a psychedelic ride- you may feel foggy, hazy or distracted but if you can use this energy to tap into intuition, ideas, downloads, and inspiration. Tap into the cosmic stream of consciousness and you may feel a heightened ability to express the most creative part of your heart. 

Mars conjunct the North Node: Destiny is activated! Feel a turbo boost that may help align you with your soul’s purpose. This is like a tide of positive energy that is coming to restore your power, enthusiasm and unlocking your manifesting potential! 

Saturn widely trine the Moon: You may be feeling an integration or culmination of a personal development journey. Look out for helpful interactions or auspicious opportunities to work with older or more experienced people, mentors or elders now.



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