Cosmic Health

  • Embodying an Abundance Mindset.

    The Universe is asking you to practice being who you said you desire to be.  An abundance mindset asserts that regardless of your financial pursuits, you will always have more than you need to meet your goals.  Once you start embodying this mindset, then your financial life flows towards the ener... View Post
  • So you want to build an empire….

    December 29, 2020 by  @Erica_Sauer 8 minute read "In order to create these empires we dream of, in order to grow into our greatest potential on this planet, we must take responsibility for our minds and bodies. " Our greatest potential as humans on this planet is met in the balance and coher... View Post
  • 5 Simple Tips to Take Charge in the Bedroom.

    Power As An Aphrodisiac By Madi Murphy   Know what you want. Driven by desire, Capricorn ferocious drive and ambition can translate to helping you get what you want- what you REALLY want. Capricorn isn’t afraid to ask for what they want and deserve in the bedroom or the boardroom so practice gett... View Post