Cosmic Health

  • 5 Spiritual Practices to Boost Your Confidence

    It's Leo season. Take up space!   The highest calling of Leo energy is concerned with shining with radical self-love and self-confidence.  No matter our zodiac sign, could all learn from our cosmic Leo leaders. Basking in their radiance is a way to empower others to do the same. Long may we reign... View Post
  • Zodiac Season: Cancer

    Cancer is the zodiac season of the Psychic | Divine Feminine | Moonbeam| The Alchemist | The Moonchild Cancer season starts on June 21 and ends July 22, 2020.  Cancer Keywords:empathetic, psychic, moody, protective, intuitive, family-oriented, feeling, watery, loving, fierce, instinctual, giv... View Post
  • How to Embody an Abundance Mentality

     You deserve to feel excited, clear and sovereign around money and time. Feeling financially free and literate is conscious activism. Your frequency is your currency.  9 of our favorite ways to begin to cultivate and embody an Abundance Mentality.  1. Money needs direction Most people know this... View Post