Cosmic Health


    🌕 Full Moon in Libra | March 28th @ 2:48PM EST/11:48AM PST RELATIONSHIP HEALING * MANIFESTING EQUITY AND EQUALITY Themes: beauty, art, conscious relationships, Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, harmony, sweetness, fresh beginnings, feeling lovable, balancing the “me” and the “we” This Full Moo... View Post
  • Fanning your Inner Flames 🔥

    Its officially Aries season and the Spring Equinox, a time for new beginnings, sexy self-worth and fanning the fuck out of your inner fire. It’s also my birthday on March 27th, so what a better time than now to really think about what is setting our souls on fire and what is going up in smoke.   ... View Post
  • Unlocking Your Magnetic Power

    You could wind up at Habitas Tulum, facilitating classes and workshops, taking daily ocean dips and hanging out with conscious humans, pursuing their passions and dreams, while serving your clients from 3k miles away. Dreams…. They do come true. @erica_Sauer  -----------------⚡️YOU CAN ALSO WATC... View Post