5 Ways to Keep the Vibe High During Uncertain Times by Madi Murphy

5 Ways to Keep the Vibe High During Uncertain Times by Madi Murphy

Madi Murphy

We know there are many feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. 

Whether you’re worrying over your personal safety and that of your family or concerned over potential loss of income or just feeling overwhelmed by the mundane-but-very-real-stress of schedules being disrupted, we feel you.


Hopefully we can help mitigate this stress and get you back to center but first we have a request. 

Yup, haha, we want something from YOU right now.  We want to invite you to drop in and breathe into this moment. To join in together, all of us in this sacred, super powerful and exponentially growing community, to consciously choose faith over fear. 


Say it out loud right now: “I choose faith over fear.” 


How does that feel? Do you feel the vibrations change?

( If you want keep going here is a  10 MINUTE MEDITATION For Positive Energy.)


We thank you for your commitment to being part of this revolution where we choose the less-travelled path. This is the rebel yell of not feeding into the fear media and society wants to project on us. To have faith in the Universe, in ourselves and in our communities. 


And finally... a few resources to be of support right now while you are at home. Feel free to take what resonates and leave the rest.

What we can control:

1- What we are choosing to consume. Everything you are watching or listening to is either raising or lowering your frequency. Be mindful. 

2- The words and language we use. I have tried to stop saying “we live in uncertain times” or “we are living in difficult times.” I am not trying to diminish or downplay but the truth is- we are ALWAYS leaving in uncertain times. I am trying to use my language to lift the vibration- you know how I am a big fan of word as spells and mantra magic. 

3- How we treat one another. Compassion and kindness is needed now more than ever!


What we can’t control:

1- The future and where the world is going (but, really, could we ever?!)

2- What the government is or is not doing now. But… always vote in favor of the greater good- this is IT!

3- The news. One of my teachers always says: ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets into them. Don’t let the negativity that’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down. Give yourself limits of how much you consume and check your intuition for what sounds real and what sounds exaggerated. Remember: the news makes money based on what you click on and how long you watch. It’s a business!


So, for now, we focus on taking good care of ourselves and others.


5 Ways to Keep the Vibe High During Uncertain Times by Madi Murphy

  • COSMIC ENERGY BOOST ONLINE CIRCLES: Because we fervently believe in the power of community + making space to release and receive, I will be going live for the next few days at 10:30 AM EST. This will be a space where we can chat, you can vent (maybe about being cooped up with your partner and kids), I will pull cards or do astro check ins, heck maybe even have a dance party because hard times call for furious dancing. If you don’t already, follow us @thecosmicrevolution.

  • POSITIVITY IS *ALSO*CONTAGIOUS: Yes to social distancing. But, we also need human connection and compassion more than ever right now. Certain of the “powers that be” are always trying to further divide us using fear-mongering tactics but this is the time to raise your mystical middle finger to that. Love is always the antidote. So, smile at your neighbor. If you know someone is alone, check in on them. And, for the love of God, don’t hoard and stockpile resources like TP or soap. There is more than enough to go around. 

  • MAKE TIME FOR STRESS RELEASE. Stress is no bueno for our immunity, babes. Anxiety is real but it won’t protect you and it just might end up making you feel more run-down or burnt out. Set a timer once an hour to remind yourself to do one minute of deep breathing. Get outside and go for walks. Take CBD, take online yoga courses (We love Obe for this!), drink lots of water, zone out on cheesy reality tv if you must, masturbate, read a book. Treat yourself to an online healing or therapy session, if you can. We are also getting bombarded right now. It’s natural to want to stay informed but choose 1-2 reputable sites (no listening to someone's brother’s brother on Twitter who used to know someone at the CDC and is saying we in a global shutdown.) Check them at most 2-3 times a day- and then STEP AWAY.

  • FEELING NERVOUS? BE OF SERVICE: The quickest way for me to get out of my head is to look outside of myself and think with my heart. There are so many people in worst cases and places than you right now- if you have the bandwidth, ask yourself: what’s one thing I can do today for someone else? Make a donation to a local food bank, thank a nurse or medical worker you know, Venmo a friend you know is out of work $5 for a latte, tell a service worker they are doing a great job as they work to keep places around you clean. It doesn’t have to cost you anything but I promise it makes a difference and you will feel better.

  • WASH YOUR HANDS AND DON’T BE RACIST: My new favorite tagline that basically sums up our best action plan for the foreseeable future. Make a ritual and cast a spell while you wash your hands and say “I love myself, I am worthy, I am enough”  at least four times. Or use the weekend mirror mantra above while washing your hands. Use this time for your health AND spiritual hygiene. And, please, for the love of Goddess feel free to tell people this is no excuse to hate on any group of people and that racism is WAY worse of a health crisis than any virus ever will be.


Sending you blessings always and wrapping you in a reiki blanket of safety, health and positive energy.

Madi Murphy

Intuitive healer, empowerment mentor, and cosmic consultant.

Named as one of the wellness industry top 100 luminaries by Well and Good and she has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Coveteur, MindBodyGreen, the New York Times and more.

Whether it is an energy session, intuitive divination, astrology reading- or if you’re ready to take it to the next level with a spiritual mentorship- her intention is to get you to your most confident, liberated, WILD and juicy self.

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