A Full Moon Ritual 🌕

A Full Moon Ritual 🌕

Full Moons are a time for integration, celebration and embodiment. 

Step 1: Go within. Create sacred space, get quiet, breathe deeply. Feel into your body. 

Step 2: Create awareness if there’s any resistance. Breathe into or stretch, roll your shoulders, shake it off. 

Step 3: Full moon manifestation embodiment. Start by tuning into yourself, and think about your strengths. Write in I AM in as many intentions as you’d like but make one related to your personal STRENGTH (think: I am smart, I am financially independent, I am resilient). As you write, visualize each intention coming into being and how it will feel in your life to embody each intention. 

Step 4: Virgo season is the time of “the person who is whole of themselves and self-contained.” Write one thing each that you love about your mind, your body and your heart.

Step 5: Envision. Picture yourself expanding into the fullest, biggest, most powerful version of you. Where is this version of you headed? Where do you want to go? Let yourself be enchanted with whatever comes up.

Step 6: Practice some spiritual self-care. Go for a walk in nature, do a card spread, listen to some binaural beats, practice breathwork or tune into the energy of water with a healing ritual bath. Remember: your body is your vessel for all your manifestations to move through, so take extra good care of it!


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