A quick guide to Libra season.

A quick guide to Libra season.

Just in case no one told you today:

you are loved.

You are perfect.

You are protected.

You are popping.

A bit about Libra Season

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with the goddess of beauty and love. Associated with the scales, they seek harmony in all they do. They are huge lovers of love and are loyal, passionate partners. They strive to create beauty in all thing: themselves, their relationships, in their spaces and appreciate fine aesthetics, poetry and the arts. They also tend to be indulgent, but in the best way possible. Libras are quite fun to be around.


They are also fierce defenders of justice. Their strong sense of balance- mixed with innate initiative and leadership skills- helps them speak out on what they believe is right and will not settle until equality is truly for all!



Tune into yourself, and think about what intentions you would like to call into your life for more love, beauty and abundance in your life. 

Write as many intentions as you’d like but write them as they already exist. As you write, visualize each intention coming into being and how it will feel in your life to embody each intention. (Example: I intend that my partner and I find easy compromises and meet each other’s needs while honoring our own, resulting in ideas and realities far better than either of us could originally conceive or create.)

Libra is the star sign of love and aesthete. Channel the Libra energy and decide how you commit to bringing more beauty & harmony into your life, your office or your relationships. Beauty elevates us beyond the mundane or even the extraordinary. It exists as an expression of something divine – whether in nature or human inspiration. Beauty is the quality that thrills the soul and makes life vibrant. But you don’t know that until you invite it in to your life.


Think: I will buy myself flowers once a week or invest in some sexy lingerie. Beautify one thing in your life: get a new piece of art. Paint your bedroom. Create a beautiful flower arrangement for yourself. Get your hair styled differently. Wear something that makes you feel elegant. Remember: you are WORTHY of surrounding yourself with beauty.


On a budget? Groovy.

Here are 3 free ways to invite more beauty in your life:


  1. Slow down! Elegant Libra takes time putting together outfits, meals and bedtime beauty treatments. Venus is the queen of ritual over routine. Savor everything. Beauty is not about instant gratification and it cannot be rushed. 
  2. Go to a public park- this is the time to take in sights and sounds that light you up. Many public parks have free art installation or concert series, in addition to natural, beautiful landscapes. Study the grace in the way the birds fly and the squirrels run up trees. 
  3. Read poetry instead of scrolling through Instagram. Play classical music or chants instead of having the TV mindlessly on in the background. 


 Affirmations to activate more abundance

Money flows to me easily and frequently

It is safe for me to be rich

I am receiving a surplus of money now

I magnetize money through love and joy

As I do what I love, money flows to me freely

I can afford anything I truly want in my life

I am deserving of a life full of luxury

I make a lot of money and I help a lot of people 

I am a money magnet

I spend and receive money in a way that feels sacred, meaningful and fun

Money is an ally that helps me live out my true purpose

Remember, be obsessively grateful. This is fuel for manifesting. Reflect on what makes you feel grateful.

Want the full guide to Libra season? Grab it here.

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