So you want to build an empire….

So you want to build an empire….

December 29, 2020 by  @Erica_Sauer 8 minute read

"In order to create these empires we dream of, in order to grow into our greatest potential on this planet, we must take responsibility for our minds and bodies. "

Our greatest potential as humans on this planet is met in the balance and coherence of our divine masculine and feminine energies.
Inherent in each and everyone one of us is duality. Just like light and dark, black and white, sun and moon, fire and water, we have feminine and masculine energies. The left being predominantly feminine and the right being predominantly masculine. Divine feminine energy is defined as the energies of ‘receiving’, ‘being’, and ‘allowing’ and divine masculine energy is defined as the energies of ‘creating’, ‘doing' and ‘acting’. When they are balanced we have the ability to set goals that are in alignment with our authentic selves, take inspired action and watch the abundance manifest before our eyes.


The way we think and behave dictates the balance of these energies. And… the way we think and behave is made up of past experiences, childhood “traumas”, and learned behaviors from implicit and explicit messages from our parents, our environments and societal norms. These belief systems makeup our internal wellbeing. When we are in balance, our external realities reflect that. We are able to receive clear downloads from the universe about our passions and what to do next. Once we have these intuitive hits, we can take action towards our dreams. In coherence we have the ability to manifest our desires with somewhat effortless ease. We feel calm yet passionate, fulfilled yet challenged, soft yet strong.


When we are out of balance we live in extreme force, which I call hyper-masculine behavior or, extreme stagnation, which I call hyper-feminine behavior.

This happens due to limiting beliefs about worthiness and adequacy.

When we live in lack and the belief that we are not enough, compensation for these beliefs can look like taking massive action and forcing ourselves to work like dogs, in order to achieve our goals. Even when we reach the goal, we tend to come back to the feeling of not enough-ness and wind up back where we started - with a whole new set of goals, feeling exhausted, unfulfilled and still working. Sometimes the self-doubt will manifest itself as confusion or stuck-ness and we don’t take any action. This I would consider hyper-feminine behavior. We live in fear, confused, and unable to move because we feel unworthy and/ or are scared of rejection. We keep waiting to receive, for someone else to do things for us, yet nothing is happening. The imbalance in our minds, is creating imbalance in our energies and therefore reflecting that in our external reality.


I was a tennis player through my teens and early 20s. I played a bit on the pro tour and at The University of Southern California, an NCAA program. I practiced vigorously, 5 hours a day and did strength training for an hour on top of that. I had extreme goals of being pro and making a living out of it, none of which were mine, just what I ‘believed’ I needed to do, to gain approval, acceptance and get the validation I desperately desired from family and coaches. My body consistently showed me it was too much and this level of action was unhealthy. I had so many injuries it’s hard to keep track - If it wasn’t tendonitis in my shoulder, it was stress fractures in my feet, a sprained ankle, or a torn elbow. I even had a weird skin ailment, on the bottom of my feet, where I couldn’t walk for about a year.


At this time, my feminine was entirely suppressed as I was not listening to what I actually wanted to be doing or what I actually needed, which was a break.

I was living into constructs that were taught to me throughout my childhood. Completely ego-driven, I wasn’t receiving or allowing anything other than tennis in my life. This level of action coming from ego, was indicative of hyper-masculine behavior.


This overpowering pattern of self-abandoning my needs in order to gain approval, through working my ass off, at something I thought other people wanted to see from me, bled into most facets of my life. I found myself working tirelessly to keep relationships that weren’t making me happy, like my marriage, which was a ten-year toxic, relationship that ended in divorce. Trying careers that I wasn’t passionate about to look successful enough to family. Working out like a Trojan and eating like a mouse to prove to society my body could mirror that of what I saw in the entertainment industry. I kept working tirelessly, to achieve goals I didn’t really want, seeking external validation from people I didn’t really like, until one day I made myself sick. If we do not listen to the whispers, the body starts to scream. Yep. I got so dizzy I couldn’t see straight or go out of the house for an extended period of time.


I searched for the cure outside of myself. Running from doctor to doctor, racking up debt and causing myself more heartache, as the answer was actually inside of myself.

Bringing balance into my life is when the shift started to happen.
Balancing these energies was the key to coming back to homeostasis, health, and clarity. It was the key to finding my passions, to finding genuine love for myself and connection to others, and the key to abundance. Greatness began to emerge only once balance was fostered.


It all started with balancing my mind.
Diving into the limiting thoughts and beliefs about who I am, what I do and how I show up in this world. Looking at my thought patterns of extreme lack and greed; different sides to the same coin. They both start with the belief system of “not enough”. Then accepting how much force I was utilizing to achieve goals that were not my own, to attain validation from something outside of myself. Paying close attention to my actions of extreme tendency with food, alcohol, working, exercise and even meditating. I had to get still, so I could actually hear my own needs and desires, so I could actually hear what the universe had in store for me. It meant quieting the mind, spending more time in solitude and nature, bringing in healing modalities and accepting and becoming aware of everything. It meant recognizing there is a force and a power greater than myself in which all things are connected and in order to hear that voice and guidance from the universe I had to get out of the way to allow and receive all that was mine. I had to get rid of the “should” and “should nots”, the walls of protection I had built up that blocked me from flowing with the universe and then from this space I had to take inspired action.


I started to feel better, think clearer and have a strong desire to serve. A fulfilling career and lifestyle began to emerge: my own little empire was born.


In order to create these empires we dream of, in order to grow into our greatest potential on this planet, we must take responsibility for our minds and bodies. We must look at our goals and intentions and figure out where they come from and why we want them. Are they ours or have they been imposed on us? Are our reasons for attaining these goals entirely self-serving or are we in a ‘community’ frame of mind? We must recognize when we are in greed and lack or conflict and self-abandonment. We must look at our belief systems about who we are and why we are showing up the way we do. We must take an inventory of our actions and lack thereof, to really become conscious of our patterns. We must then take actions that are in alignment with our higher selves.


When we do, we can start to see and feel what is meant for us.

We can begin to recognize our dharma, our life’s purpose. Our minds get quieter and our intuition grows stronger. We begin to take inspired action and we see desires and goals come to fruition. We begin to see and feel that we always have enough and everything is unfolding in divine timing.


Our empires may all look different. One might look like a multimillion dollar business, another a family, a charity, or an animal shelter, another a football team or an individual tennis player. In balance, we can receive what is meant for us and no matter what that empire is, it will be enough.


If your desires and goals aren’t coming to fruition and if you feel as though you are banging your head against the wall trying to sort out what do next, what moves to make or what you want to do entirely. There is a good chance your energies are out of alignment. If you are, the good news is it’s possible to get back into coherence. We just have to shift our energies and it begins by balancing our minds and bodies.


YOUR COSMIC RX: Get still. Meditate, breath and then start to incorporate the below into your routine.

1. Ask some questions: 

Are these goals mine or have them been imposed on me by family or society?

Are these intentions mine or is it something I think I “should” do to gain love, approval or acceptance?

Is this forced action or inspired action?

Does this action I am taking spark joy?

Does this goal I am pursing give me life or exhaust me?

Does this empire I am building pull the magic out of me or the madness?

Is this desire coming through my heart or my head/ego?

Is this empire I am building all about me or am I looking out for others?

2. Beliefs and mantras that support homeostasis:

"I am the one I have been waiting for."

"I trust my body’s infinite wisdom."

"What is happening right now is happening for the ultimate good."

"The universe always meets my needs. When my needs expand, the universe expands with me to meet my needs."

"Everyday is an opportunity to begin, and every moment is an opportunity to allow."

"I have been given endless talents that I choose to utilize today.

"I trust the divine timing of the universe.

"I live my life with my heart wide open.

"I open my heart to receive love; I open my heart to give love.

"Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.

"I am ready to take action on my dreams.

"I give myself permission to shine.

"I embrace change and the challenges that come with it. I know I am growing and expanding.

"What I desire, which is aligned with my spirit, is already here.

"Everything that I desire comes to me at the perfect time.

"I allow the universe to use me as a vessel.

"I receive abundance with effortless ease."

"I let go of any thoughts, beliefs, stories and energies not in alignment with my higher self."

" I let go of what I no longer need."

"Everything that I desire comes to me at the perfect time."

"My dreams manifest into reality right before my eyes."

"I intuitively know the right thing to do."

"I can and I will!"



3. Prayer:


Show me the way. Use me as a vessel. Guide me to where I am meant to go.


**As always, don’t forget to turn your magic all the way the f#$k on!**




Erica Sauer





Erica Sauer is an Intuitive Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Writer.
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Love, love, LOVE, this article! I can’t wait to share this with my business team because I feel like everyone can take something from this. The questions blew my mind and I definitely know I have some soul searching I need to do. The bonus was the Mantras! Not all of them clicked with me, but the ones that did were solid home-runs. Thank you for taking the time and putting all the helpful information right at the beginning. Very well written! :)

Kayla Phelps

Mykki! Agreed!
But this is about feminine and masculine energetics which are not the same as talking about gender.

Audrey Rudolf

While I definitely appreciate the recommendation for finding balance and honoring what our body, spirit, and intuition are telling us – the hyper-fixation on feminine energy or masculine energy rooted in old and outdated gender norms really rubbed me the wrong way, especially as a trans person. :(


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