The Frequency of Pleasure by Erica Sauer

The Frequency of Pleasure by Erica Sauer

For much of my life I lived in the Frequency of Work. Work hard, do more, try harder, fix it, win.

“When you do all those things Erica, then maybe you’ll be worthy of what you really want, which is love.” Yes… money, success, validation. Sure those things too, but really love. I wanted to be loved for being me, who never felt like I was enough, so continued to work for it.


I grew up in a household that rewarded the best and nothing else. Even second place was enough to find myself running sprints on the tennis court after lost matches and back on the court the next day to practice for 5 hours, fix it and make it better. This was a weekly routine. I wish I could say winning led to a break, however, the winning led to more practicing as well. The work never seemed to be done.


Even though that may be extreme for some of us, it isn’t far off for a lot of us. If it wasn’t tennis for you, maybe it was school or piano lessons, or gymnastics and guitar. Even if you made it out scott free in childhood, you probably didn’t miss the corporate grind here in the states.


This is a bit of a generalization, but in comparison to European cultures, we live in a society that praises work horse mentality and belittles pleasure. We get rewarded for working 12-hour days, and guilt-tripped when we want to take our two weeks PTO and go on vacation.


Many of us sit in front of our desks all day long, with lunch taken in front of the computer, have dinner, go to bed, only to get up in the morning and do it again. In hopes of making a buck and saving for retirement.

Or what about you entrepreneurs out there? I’d bet that many of you also live under the illusion of the grind. To make it you have to blood, sweat, and tears your way to the top.

 Illusion you say? Yes, illusion! If you’re triggered good. Keep reading.

Well, I am here to let you in on a little secret… and it revolves around the Frequency of PLEASURE.

What if I told you, your energy can take you to next level magnetism, income, relationships and experiences and you don’t have to do that much. You just have to align your energy and get into your pleasure.

How could this be? How could your pleasure actually lead you to more pleasure? Because the means and the ends are one. You can’t take miserable actions in the moment and expect an amazing outcome. It’s all connected. Don’t misconstrue the desire to work hard at a passion as miserable. Yes, that can be hard sometimes and still something you genuinely desire to be doing. I mean, toxicity.The toxic idea that you have to work 12 hours to get something you want. That you have to give up your life to win the prize. Toxicity, breads toxicity. However, pleasure… pleasure begets pleasure. We can have careers we love, we can work with people we like. We can take time off from work, travel and enjoy our lives.


Our pleasure is linked to our creative and sexual energies.

The energy we use to create babies, is the same energy we use to create companies, art, music, architecture, EVERYTHING. And when we are in our pleasure, we are vibrating on higher frequencies of aliveness because we feel alive. When we feel alive, we have more to give and when we have more to give, we have more to create and when we have more to create we have more to attract. Because we are doing it from a frequency of pleasure, we are happier so what we are attracting is actually in alignment with who we are and what we actually want! Boom!


An important point to remember, is we can only live in our genuine pleasure in the NOW.


Living moment to moment.


Yes, we have all heard this before, many, many times. Sayings like, “The time is now.” “This is the only moment that exists.” “Seize the day.”


This moment is the only moment we have full access to life itself. This is the only moment we can experience life in all of it’s glory. This is the only moment we have access to the quantum field, the space of limitless possibilities and infinite experiences. This is the space where shit falls out of the sky for us. This is the space where our minds aren’t consumed by chatter of our past programming and pain. This is the space where we can be authentically ourselves.


Our relationship to this moment, determines our destiny.

If I am half here and half in my mind, I am not fully alive. What I put in, I get back with equal and opposite force - The Law of Giving. So how do I want to live moment to moment. Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? What do I want to believe?


I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing the Frequency of Pleasure. Living into what tunes me in and turns me on. Since doing this whole pleasure thing, I connect deeper to myself, deeper to my friends and family, deeper to my clients. I make more money, I have better relationships, AND I am happier.


Our desires are God’s way of showing us the plan. When we live form this space we begin to open ourselves up to our own personal road map. I look at a clean desire and pull as something I am meant to be doing. I don’t look at it like “I can’t have it now” or “I am not meant to have it.” I look at it like, “If I really genuinely want it, it’s mine.” I choose to believe that the universe isn’t an asshole and it wants me to have everything I desire.


The next level of our lives is about allowing ourselves to enjoy it. Getting rid of stories that say we can’t or we are not allowed. That’s the block, that creates the sensations in our bodies, that block us from that natural flow of life and love and from manifesting our desires with ease. We are allowed. We are worthy. We are meant to experience things that we enjoy.


Whatever you believe you are right.

So follow my lead, I felt the pull to start my own coaching business and now I can travel anywhere in the world, while I work and write. I leave for South Africa next week on my next adventure. I incorporate work and play in all of my days. I spend time with friends often, dance often, get in nature often. I take breaks frequently and I am out in my life, living it! Believe me you can do it too.


I started the beginning of my pleasure journey last year, left my current job and started over. In one year, I am making six figures and living a life I love. You don’t have to start your own business, maybe you want to be a mom, write a book, work for a cosmetic line, volunteer somewhere. Whatever it is follow it! When you tap into the code of listening to your desires and living into your pleasure, your life will be full.


Choose from which story you would like to meet this moment. What energy do you want to live in? Pleasure or pressure? Desire or lack? Ease or force?


Live from this moment. Live the vibe you seek and watch the universe become a reflection of the relationship you have with your own energy.


It get’s to be easy, it gets to be fun, it gets to be in alignment with your soul’s passions, pleasures and purpose.


Stop waiting for the next level to come and turn yourself on. Only then you will get your next-level because you are being the expression of the divinity within you!


Your Cosmic Rx:

Let’s use this Taurus season to get into our pleasure. Sensual and pleasure practices, dance, sing, travel, be in nature, eat delicious foods, nourish our bodies with music, art and culture, take baths and get ready for summer to light you the fuck on fire.


Ask yourself:

What tunes you in and turns you on?
What makes you feel alive?
How can you enhance your pleasure daily?


Don’t forget to turn your magic all the way the fuck on!


With Love,





Erica Sauer is an Intuitive Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Writer.
 she hosts morning breath work and an evening group discussion for our community. You can enroll here.  

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I am so freaking grateful for this words! It’s amazing how the cosmic RX is always in tune with what I need to hear or how I’ve been feeling. Every time I read the content, It’s like getting a confirmation from my higher self that I’m in the right path, and if something made me lose or forget it, the Cosmic RX brings me right back to it!

Clara Njambela

Hey Erica!
LOVE the article & this page/email list/podcast!!!
I would so like to share with friends and family, but hesitate to due to the grammatical errors. Let me know if you’d ever like someone to review your work.
In joy and abundance,



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