Together We Can Go Further 🌕 What we learned from the full moon in AquariUS

Together We Can Go Further 🌕 What we learned from the full moon in AquariUS

Hi Fam!
Writing to you with my third eye vibrating and synapses firing. Happy 2nd Aqua full moon of the szn babies. From the I to the you to the me to the we to the Aquar -i -US . And while my aqua moon is in the 8th house and Jupiter is in opposition with the Sun, my big picture inner visionary sees peace and love guiding and steering the planets and the stars!  This optimism is much needed since that big ole expansion king moved back into  ♒️ ?! Anyone else felt that shift? Whheeewwww! 
Let the sun. shine. IN! Amiright?!
(Ok enough with the Hair references)

But we are living in a new era. The Shadow energy if the of the last 4 years has cast a new light over US. A radiant new time where the GOOD work is ever needed by all.
And together we can go further into the future of possibility. Am I sounding too hopeful? 

Well here’s the thing
The humanitarian sign of this full moon rules the circulatory system. The blood that flows throughout our bodies and continues to keep our organs working and hearts beating. Its essentially lifeforce connecting every part of of us keeping us alive. Hmmm. Connecting every part of US to keep US alive.
Well... this AquariUS full moon invites you first, to connect yourself to the collective and then, connect your mind and heart to your gut and feet and stand up for what you believe in.

I so challenge you to do the GOOD work. 
  • Create - Use what unique gifts and and talents you have to expresss your radical heart and share your cause with the world.

  • Investigate - Learn more about where you can help in your community or perhaps where YOU may need help in understanding the intersectionality of systematic oppression. 

  • Communicate - Those honest truths and have the hard conversations with friends and family members who may need that extra push toward the awareness of collective consciousness. (Remember that silence  is a tool of the oppressor.)
  • Donate - Put your money where your mouth is and/or volunteer to organizations that are supporting better healthcare for all, separated migrant families, LGBTQIA rights, assistance international refugees, and racial justice -just to name a few.

We CAN live the golden dreams and visions of our ancestors but with the right recipe: compassion, empathy, kindness, humility, and love. The pathway to collective soul healing and freedom. True liberation. 
The crusade for equality doesn’t just happen when the headlines tell us they do. Aqua moon time reminds US to be here for the collective ALL of the time because we are ALL ONE in this. No one is ALONE. And no one gets left behind. 
Together we go further. 

Leaving y’all with my fav truth bomb from a great Queen Aquarian mind, Angela Davis- 

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world . And you have to do it all the time.”

Your spiritual fitness leader 💋

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Her Aqua moon wants to remind US that After doing the good work (create, investigate, communicate, donate) we need time to redirect our energy back to our bodies and ground dooowwwnn. Cuz Rest is revolutionary too!

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