Unlocking Your Magnetic Power

Unlocking Your Magnetic Power

You could wind up at Habitas Tulum, facilitating classes and workshops, taking daily ocean dips and hanging out with conscious humans, pursuing their passions and dreams, while serving your clients from 3k miles away. Dreams…. They do come true.



As I sit here at the Habitas Hotel in Tulum, Mexico, I’m in a little bit of disbelief at how profoundly awareness, focus, and congruent and consistent action support in the creation of our dreams coming to fruition.


I once had the dream to be able to live and work from anywhere in the world. Specifically Tulum, Mexico as it has the energetic presence that somehow brings me to my knees every time I place my eyes on it’s beauty. The crystalline turquoise water, the mayan traditions and rituals, the sustainable and healthy food options, the yoga and breath practices and hotels like Habitas that foster awareness and conscious community.


I am hosting breathwork classes and workshops down here this week at the hotel, with the ability to support my clients from my room and take intermediary dips in the ocean and therapeutic massages that keep me heart-centered and restored….




It wasn’t that long ago, I was hauling a makeup & hair kit around New York City, on and off the subway, with neck pain, living the life of the celebrities I was working with rather than my own.


So how did I get here? Well, I’d like to say it just happened, however it doesn’t just happen. It takes some practice and implementation of the below tools to shift gears. It doesn’t have to take a long time. It does however take awareness, consistency, action, gratitude for the present moment and a big why to get our dreams to turn into reality.


The recipe looked something like this…


It started with awareness.

The awareness that on some level I am co-creating my reality and that I am a vibrational match to whatever is unfolding in my life, whether it be my previous career as a hair and makeup artist, the toxic relationships I was participating in or now, my current situation in Tulum. There is always something about me and the way I am thinking, acting and behaving that is attracting the physical equivalent into my life.


It took persistent dizziness, that kept me unable to drive or go out of the house and a divorce to get me to realize I needed to come back to myself and become aware of my patterning. It started with meditation, breathwork and coaching programs, which have fostered a lifestyle of awareness, alignment and expansion. Recognizing the patterns, behaviors and beliefs that are serving me and the ones that are not… and consistently coming back to presence, so I can make new choices and practice new ways of being, that foster the person I am becoming.


The concept of integrity was the next piece of the puzzle. I realized that if I wasn’t in integrity with my word, if my words didn’t match my actions, if I wasn’t being honest with myself and others, I would learn to not trust myself and what I said I was going to do. We basically break ourselves into parts, the person we desire to become, the person we say we are and the person we are actually being. When we break ourselves into parts, we do not feel whole, we do not feel like we can trust ourselves, that is the root of low self-esteem and confidence. So, I committed myself to consistently showing up as the person I said I was, honoring whatever came out of my mouth and being accountable for my actions.  My mantra became, “My words are law.”


Not only did I have to honor my word but I had to watch what I was thinking about and what was coming our of my mouth. You may have heard this quote and it definitely stuck with me:


Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”


What we think and what we say definitely plays a role in creating our reality. Each thought creates an emotion. That emotion fosters what kind of action we will take. That action will give us a result and that result pretty much always leads to proving the original thought correct.


Through awareness I was able to see where my thoughts and beliefs were out of alignment with the person I desired to become. I had to choose positive and strong language that supported my dreams of inspiring others on their spiritual journey and I had to focus on what I was creating for myself. Simply changing, “I’ll try…” to “I will…” created massive shifts in my life. “I’ll try” left room for negotiation and excuses, where “I will” left no room for anything but to show up and take action. “I am” versus “I would like to be” shifted identifications that were once there, to powerful affirmations of what is.


Other powerful language shifts were:


“I’ll try to work from anywhere in the world, and support others on their spiritual journey” for “I will work from anywhere in the world and support others on their spiritual journey”.


“I would like to be a life coach, writer, speaker and breath coach” for “I am a life coach, writer, speaker and breath coach.”


“I don’t know” for “Clues are all around me


These opened me up to new ways of being and perceiving. Do you see how powerful those differences are for the mind? Since what we focus on we create more of, and becomes accepted and then acted upon by the mind, these tweaks in language, are a pivotal part of the process.


Then noticing what took me out of presence, and where I gave my power away followed. When the trigger came up, what was the sequence of behaviors that I would implement that lead me back to awareness and presence so I could see truth and make new and empowering choices. Breathwork became a huge part of the rewiring process. I continued to come back to my breath and focus on conscious breathing to bring me back to the moment, so I could practice tapping into higher frequencies of faith, freedom and love and make choices from higher vibrations. These new choices were then congruent with who I was becoming.


I found myself mentors and expanders. People who showed me what was possible in the space that I was looking to create for myself. People who were getting the results I desired. I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, I just needed to look at the value systems and behaviors of people mirroring lifestyles and careers I desired to have, and instill the ones that felt in alignment with me, into my own life. I picked a few people, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, and Glennon Doyle to name a few. I looked at what kind of action they were taking and who they were being on the regular. They each had morning routines that connected them to themselves, so they could connect deeper with others, no alcohol seemed to be a pattern throughout all three, they showed up consistently for their communities and had “we” mentalities - they incorporated others into their decision making, they had social presence and influence, family-minded, heart-centered, motivated by passions and a big why for doing what they were called to do.


I incorporated a number of their behaviors in my routine that were in alignment with the values I was looking to embody and inserted my big why as a focal point of my practice. The why supported me greatly in showing up consistently for what I wanted to create in my life and the lives of others. It centered around serving other women and men who had struggled putting all the pieces together, finding themselves in toxic and sabotaging relationships and patterns, and void filling tendencies, feeling like nothing was enough. I wanted them to know that, if I could get out of the toxic patterns I was participating in, they could do it too and together we could live passionate and heart-centered lives, as conscious participants spreading the ripple effect of love, freedom, and faith. I recognized how powerful my why became when I was no longer the center of my thinking and I incorporated the people I cared about, and those I desired to support.


Lastly, the idea of consistency. I consistently show up for everything above… for awareness, for language shifts, for focus, for integrity, for new choices serving my higher self, for congruent action and for my big why. We can not have any depth without consistency and I know I want to go deep in this life, so showing up for ourselves and others, day in and day out is a necessity for making our dreams manifest.


I’d like to add, maybe you feel like you are doing the above and it still “isn’t working.” Remember, “isn’t working” is a story. Whatever lesson you are learning right now, in the moment, is exactly what you need, to get to you where you are going. If you come back to the remembrance that it isn’t always the destination, it’s the journey, that we have everything we need, and we are meant to experience and have “challenges” and “discomforts” to support us in growth and expansion, you will not let past programming and pain talk you into quitting. You will be grateful for the moment because it is serving your evolution on this journey of life. You will continue to see every moment and experience as the one you are meant to be in and as an opportunity. You may then desire to change your strategy or learn the art of acceptance and gratitude for the now. There is always a lesson. So in fact, everything “is working.”


Try to remember there are two frequencies from which we live by “we have everything we need” and “something is missing.” Sometimes simply recognizing we are living from lack, and waiting for our future circumstances to feel “happy”, will help shift things in our lives. The frequencies of freedom, faith and love are always available to us. We just have to choose presence, an empowering story and look for the lessons with gratitude for this moment.


Our worth lies in our choices. We get to choose everyday if we are going to be active participants, do the above practices and take responsibility for our dreams and goals. Choose wisely, by listening to your energetic blueprint (the things that feel natural to you) and what keeps being reflected at you. If it feels natural to write and people tell you, you are an amazing writer, listen. If guitar lights you up and people keep mentioning guitar lessons to you, listen. If travel sets your soul on fire and opportunities keep presenting themselves, listen. Then choose to participate in your life and take actions congruent with who you desire to become.


You could wind up at Habitas Tulum, facilitating classes and workshops, taking daily ocean dips and hanging out with conscious humans, pursuing their passions and dreams, while serving your clients for 3k miles away. Dreams…. They do come true.


Your Cosmic RX breakdown:


- Awareness of Thoughts, Beliefs & Patterns - Remember to come back to your breath often.


Questions to ask yourself:


What do I believe about myself and my role on this planet?

Am I an active participant or a spectator?

Am I an equal contributor, giver or taker?

Do I show up fully with presence or at war with the moment?

Do I make myself wrong and others wrong?

Do I look up at others or down at others?

Am I savior or looking to get saved?

What language do I use to speak to myself? Do I love myself or hate myself?



- Integrity -

Be mindful of your words and what you say you will do and live by what you say. “My words are law.”


- Language and Focus


Use empowering stories.


Trading: “I’ll try” for “I will”

    “I would like to be” for “I am”

    “I don’t know” for “clues are all around me”


- Expander & Mentors -

Find a mentor, someone who shows you what’s possible in life and love, a person who is getting the results you desire and implement the values and behaviors that feel in alignment with you.


- Action -

Take inspired and congruent action in alignment with who you are becoming.


- Big Why -

Get clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing. It is more powerful when you think about someone or something outside of yourself. The “we” mentality, the collective, your family, friends, etc.


- Triggers -

notice where you give your power away. Notice where you get overly identified with your mind. Then implement a few behaviors (like breathwork) that bring you back to yourself and presence so you can make new choices that are in alignment with the frequencies of freedom, trust and faith.


-Frequencies to live by -

Two vibrations: we are either living in, “I have everything I need” or “Something is missing.” Remembering if something isn’t showing up in your life, come back to the present moment with gratitude and faith that everything is unfolding as it should for your growth and expansion on this planet. “We have everything we need!”


-Our worth lies in our choices: continuously choose to show up for yourself, for your dreams and for others. You got this.


And don’t forget to turn your magic all the way the f&*k on.




Erica Sauer is an Intuitive Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Writer.
 she hosts morning breath work and an evening group discussion for our community. You can enroll here.  

Read more articles by Erica: https://www.ericasauer.com/ 

Millions of Mirrors by Erica Sauer is based on the assumption that everything outside of us is a reflection of what is going on inside. That all our thoughts, beliefs and stories about ourselves and society create the present reality that is unfolding in front of us. It is the idea that if you do not like what is happening outside of yourself, you have the power to transform it by shedding the limitations and constructs you have been programmed to believe. This editorial space offers spiritual guidance, lessons, and practical tips and tools to allow you see the truth of yourself and embrace all you are becoming. Follow along with Intuitive Life Coach & Writer, Erica Sauer, so you can turn your magic all the way the f*&k on. 

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