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  • Inner Child Healing

    @IammadimurphyHOW INNER CHILD HEALING CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.   10 ways you may have been wounded as a child You were taught that it’s not OK to have your own opinions. You were punished when trying to speak up or act differently. You were discouraged from playing or having fun. You weren’t allow... View Post
  • 5 Ways to Keep the Vibe High During Uncertain Times by Madi Murphy

    Madi Murphy We know there are many feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. Whether you’re worrying over your personal safety and that of your family or concerned over potential loss of income or just feeling overwhelmed by the mundane-but-very-real-stress of schedules being disrupted, we feel you.... View Post
  • When “I” Becomes “We” - Illness Becomes Wellness.

     We live in an era of the “self”. “Self” love, “self” empowerment, “personal” power, “personal” manifestation, “personal” healing, “me”, “me”, “me”, “me”, “me”. What “I’m” manifesting. What “I’m" doing. “My” self. “My” wellbeing. “ “Me”.   For a lot of people, self-love and introspection is a mea... View Post